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The Reality of Vampires: Are We the Walking Dead?

Upon seeing the European Conquistadores landing upon their lands in South America, a subset of the Native American Kogis took one look at the Spanish invaders and deemed them to be the walking dead. (To watch a documentary on these wonderful people, visit

The walking dead is often seen as vampirism in European culture.  The myth speaks to a man (or woman) who has died and doesn't recognize he is dead.  In order to stay alive, he devours the blood of a maiden (or a man).  

All myths speak metaphorically to Truth.  Regardless if you’re talking Greek, Biblical, Pagan or Native American myth, they are metaphorical expressions of Truth. 

Epistemologist Gregory Baetson says the same when he says that Nature’s language is metaphor.  Metaphor as he defines it is a language that connects.  Thus a mythical Goddess reflects the power of Nature to give birth, sustain life (e.g., breast feeding), and devour (as in intercourse).

Now, in truth, the Goddess is not horrible since She devours.  In fact, women swallow semen.  The epistemology of the term semen discloses that the term also means food. Thus if you say ‘your ideas are seminal’ you are saying ‘your ideas are food for thought’. 

Yet, this devouring offers us new life in the fact of our entering into ecstasy or in the conception of a new baby.  I’m not discounting thoughts.  If we call an idea our baby, we are saying “I conceived it within myself."  The fathering impulse of this conception is often the absorption of what someone says in speech, music, and even in body language.  

Is this the reason Femininity is suppressed?  The ancient Goddess was, in fact, known as Mother, Sustainer and Fate.   Out of death comes forth new life.

The vampire myth speaks to those who rape or who are fantastic liars that want to control and dominate, generally women.  This does not mean vampirism is meant to be the energy drainer of just women.  Rather, it describes sucking the life out of our planet and the “working classes” or “peasants” across the world.

As we all know, a vampire is the walking dead.  In his wake he creates death, which in many of the vampire stories entails the creation of new vampires.  These walking dead are numerous in today's world.  Consider the following image that speaks to Earth as Maiden and Earth as a victim of a Vampire, better known as a corporation:


Vampires who suck the blood and life out of the Maiden are true in our culture.  They suck the life out of humanity and the Earth Herself.   

Others, not necessarily the majority, realize what is happening and scream bloody murder while refusing to expose her neck to the monster. 

At any rate, the vampire sweet-talks his victim into opening up an easy access to the jugular vein. 

This is exactly what has happened to us of the labor classes (labor IS a feminine process).  It’s a no brainer.  The myth is not a lie.  It reflects back to us the truth of our being sucked dry by the corporations and their underling governments.

Remember those days we were promised benefits, adequate pay and a good life in the US of A?  It was all a lie.  The vampires called corporations retreated for a little while.  Now, its all gone.  And all we have left is a decimated planet drained of Her life alongside folks who are increasingly in poverty due to lack of pay and benefits. 

In a piece about killing vampires ( the following methods are recommended (for brevities sake, I’m only going to focus on two):

Use of Sunlight

By far the easiest way to kill a vampire is via direct sunlight. Even before the first vampire became a vampire, he was cursed to forever have to hide from the sun. Any skin of a vampire that comes in contact with direct sunlight will be severely burned. 

The author is right on.  Sunlight, exposing the demon to the Light of Truth will kill him.  In terms of corporations, this means exposing them for what they are.  Many who read this article already know what they are…I hope.

The Use of a Wooden Stake

The authors beautifully speak to this as follows:

The wooden stake remains one of the best tools to use for vampire killing. Really, all a wooden stake is is a piece of wood with one edge sharp enough to pierce human flesh. Or inhuman flesh in this case.

If you think of monsters in terms of sports, vampires are those great offensive players who can always score, but are pretty crappy defenders. Sure, their speed and strength give them a big advantage, but the truth about vampires is they are too used to overpowering their opponent with their offensive capabilities that very few have spent much time learning to defend themselves.

Knowing this, the key to killing a vampire using a wooden stake is to strike first. Yes, that means playing offense against the offensive powerhouse, but in this game of life and death, you only need to score once.

To this I would add trick him.  Open your neck and say, "its all your's sweetie."  Then when he comes close, nail him!  

Currently, our articles and voicing our voice to politicians is not working.  Indeed, the politicians are the walking dead just like the vampires that sucked them dry.  

What this is saying is that we need to strike first.

Do we do so violently?

I don’t think so.  All we need to do is stop exposing our vulnerable maiden necks to them.  How do we do this?  Well, it’s going to take a lot of courage and change.  That change entails us Eves (labor classes and not just women) not being dependent on the Corporate Adam for her life.  This is scary for us Eve's.  It means that we need to care for ourselves instead of surrendering to the Man.

We don’t need a man to suck us dry anymore.  WE are the answer, not another power structure.  We want a lover not an owner!

How do we make this concrete?

Buy local.  Create victory gardens that will feed you and others in your community. Stop feeding the vampire.  Stop giving him your Maiden’s neck for him to suck you dry.  Allow the community to be your Man.  Choose and give birth to a lover, one who is operating in partnership with you and not a top-down demon.

This is how we play offense without getting into battle.  If we continue to battle, or pleading to the government to protect us, then we become vulnerable to becoming vampires ourselves.

We don’t need the Man to take care of us.  The quest for women’s liberation is the quest for the liberation for all of us.

WE are the power full answer we’ve been waiting for.

Not a new president.  Not a new governmental organization.  WE are the government and WE are what we’ve been looking for.

As some Buddhists say, “if you see the Buddha by the highway, kill him.”

Why would they say that about their Beloved? 

Easy, if you succumb to external powers, you become death.

That which we are looking for is That which is seeking.  It is within us.  Our labor is to bring that forth.  Stop allowing yourself to be drained of your life.  Stop allowing the Earth to be abused, raped and destroyed.  Like Mother and Fetus, if Mother Earth  dies, WE die. 

Its that simple. 

What are YOU going to do about it?