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O’ let me teach you how to knit again

this scattered corn into one mutual sheaf,

these broken limbs again into one body.

--Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, V, iii


We are each woven with threads of Love into the web of all being.  This book follows the threads of that web as they spread throughout all aspects of our lives and our universe.  It explores them on multiple levels:

  • ·      Personal, using my experience as an example
  • ·      Intellectual, drawing on the works of philosophers
  • ·      Cultural, exploring mythology and literature
  • ·      Scientific, exploring systems and holographic theories
  • ·      Spiritual, examining the vision of the great mystics of the world’s religions

The name, Sophia, means God’s Wisdom in the Greek translations of ancient Hebrew writings.  Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, is given many names in many different cultures, including but not limited to Athena, Tara, Inanna, Hochmah, Isis, Ma’at, Aluna, Thinking Woman, Kali, Shakti, Astarte and Tiamat.  She is the Woman with a Thousand Faces.

Solomon wrote of this divine Wisdom Goddess:

She reaches mightily from one end of the Earth to the other

And while remaining in herself, she renews all things....

And orders all things well...

--Book of the Wisdom of Solomon 7:27; 8:1


By whatever name we call Wisdom, she appears universally, underlying all creation.  She dwells in you, in me, in all humankind, indeed, in all beings.  Sophia’s Web is a celebration of Wisdom as she is witnessed in nature, science, all spiritual traditions, and throughout the universe. It celebrates that infinity of Wisdom manifest within us all.

My purpose in publishing Sophia’s Web is to explore the incredibly intricate and beautiful web into which Wisdom has woven everything, including us.  Becoming aware of this unity within diversity is crucial in today’s world, in which dualism—with its attendant greed, violence, and alienation—presents a threat to our sanity, peace, and biosphere.

This book is part of a holographic movement that is now gaining momentum.  That movement integrates several factors: a new science based on wholeness (Capra, 1975), the growing recognition of the feminine godhead (Baring and Cashford, 1991), a growing awareness of the wisdom of the mystics of all traditions (Campbell, 1990), and the conscious evolution movement.  It draws upon the wisdom of such revolutionary, historic intellects as Goethe, Steiner, and Jung.  What I see in these diverse perspectives is a unity. The contents of this book draw on Wisdom as she reveals herself in the works of these scholars, as she manifests in my own life, and--by extension--as she lives in the hearts of my readers.

I offer Sophia’s Web to help bring peace through the integration of seemingly opposing forces.  No force is defeated, just as no energy ever dies but is simply transformed and re-integrated into the living energy of the universe.  Once we realize our true, holographic relationship to the universe, we are empowered to heal the alienation of the individual and prevent the destruction of the Earth.  Ultimately, I hope Sophia’s Web will help the reader realize that all the various religions and sciences are currently speaking the same thought in an infinitely varied number of ways.  All we have to do to see this unity-in-diversity is to open our eyes a little.  The world we live in, for all her imperfections and contradictions, is our uni-versity.

As a stripper teasingly removes her clothing to reveal her naked beauty, God’s Wisdom will reveal her essence to you by stripping away the layers of the surface world, which would include yourself as a separate ego. This revelation will be that of the naked Truth shining brightly in the depths of your being.  In that Truth, you will know yourself, the world and that which is beyond the world.  Interestingly, it will not be some foreign creature you will find standing naked.  It will be your Truth standing naked, unveiled at the core of your being.  Fear not, for in that nakedness you will discover your true power and beauty.  This is the nudity of great art, not of shameful pornography.  Let the journey begin!