Painting a New Story


What is the story that you tell yourself about yourself and this world you live in?

What is the story Mother Culture has taught you?  What does she say about you?  What does she say about the human world you live in?  What does she say about the non-human world you live in?

In that story, let us ask the following questions of ourselves as human beings:

Why are we destroying the environment?  Why are we always engaging in war?  Why is there rampant abuse of children, women, men and animals?  Why do the left and right in politics demonize each other?  Why do we allow a handful of bankers, corporations, religious leaders and politicians to rule over us?  Why do we allow these people to judge us?  Why do many of the various “religions” claim their way is right and others wrong?  Why is there a “battle of the sexes?”  Why would we perceive God as a person who created humanity male and female in his / her image (Genesis 1:27) and then proclaim sexuality as evil?  Why do we also say that a child born of that union is conceived in sin?  And, why does He contradict Himself by saying, “be fruitful and multiply” and then deem the act leading to that fruitfulness as evil?

Is it God saying these contradictions or is it our ego?   Who speaks of God?  Is it God or the human ego speaking?  Are we projecting ourselves onto Him or is it She that projects Her Self onto us?

Are these questions absurd?

What stories entice us into believing and doing these contradictory things?

Is there one dominant story that speaks to all the stories we tell ourselves? Are there many stories?  If so, is the United States motto, E Pluribus Unim, In the Many One accurate?  Is this motto followed given our systems from education to corporatization?

It doesn’t matter if you profess a belief in God.  We do not just tell ourselves stories based on one Story.  We live out our stories that reflect THE Story we tell ourselves.  What Story are you living?

What Story/stories cause the above discord? You do not have to read “The Bible.  You are the manifestation of “The Bible.”  What does the Book of your heart say?  Are there contradictions to what is said in the Book of your heart that you were taught in school, church, or Mother Culture?  One contradiction that comes to mind for me is that “God is Love and will zap you into an eternal and torturous Hell if He doesn’t like what you do.”

When I began having dreams of a Goddess I named Sophia back in the 90’s, these were the subtle questions that She was posing to me. Through these questions, She led me into the research and writing of Sophia’s Web:  A Passionate Call to Heal our Wounded Nature.

She is now posing these questions to you.  She won’t tell you the answer.  She will tell you to look at the pattern and how that pattern in you is woven to create and maintain the world we currently have.

The Bible says “Know Thyself.”  It does NOT say God will tell you who you are.  God is NOT an external ruler, but is within your Self and IS your Self.  God is Truth: your Truth.  Thus, in Hindu He is called Brahmin, the Self, and in Hebrew Yahweh, or I AM.  Thus, He/She is NOT a ruler but is, simply, the Power and Wisdom within you.   The external God/Goddess or King/President/Congress/Preacher is NOT who rules you. Deeper intuition and knowledge operating through and in every cell of your being should rule you.

The powers you are allowing to judge and control you are the egos of corporations, government and family alongside your own ego, or conditioned mind.

Remember the commandment, “Thou shalt not judge”?  When you judge others you are judging your self.  In Freudian psychology, this is called Projection.  Is the notion that we are fallen God’s judgment or our own projection?  Has His precious creation fallen apart?  What does that say about God’s creative power?

Is this Fall our story or His-story?

Based on the past 20+ years I’ve been asking this question:  What is OUR story?  What will take us into a new story?  Do we have to have self-righteous churches to save us?  Or, do we need to have an educational system that is for the sake of Corporations and the military, enriching the pockets of their leaders?   What are we taught in school, media, church, or on the streets? Isn’t it often about division?  My thesis, theology, philosophy is True and no one else’s is?”

The book my wife and I have written is titled Sophia’s Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature.  Its goal is to seek unity, not division.  The unity it calls for is among the diverse religions, sciences, cultures and ourselves. 

Recognizing this paradoxical unity in diversity and diversity in unity introduces us to a new paradigm, a new context for thinking about everything.   This new paradigm requires us to move beyond the dualism, competition, and hierarchy that are taught in our culture.  It may be hard to step beyond the divisive, compartmentalized, linear point of view that our society has carefully constructed.  Understanding Sophia’s Web will both help and require you to make this thought-leap.  When we see beyond the boundaries (prison bars?) of the dominant paradigm, we can see a much more interdependent, complex, and love-based world where each depends on all and all depend on each.  Are you up to this challenge?

Sophia’s Web should be available within the next month or two through Amazon.  It will be in both book form and Kindle.