Merry Mentoring

Merry Mentoring

Virtual Mentoring Room


Welcome to my virtual mentoring room, allowing me to support you “face-to-face”, locally, regionally, and across the planet over the Skype platform. 

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As your mentor, I can help you tap into your own inherent wisdom when you are faced with the following life challenges…

  • Ø  Pursuing your vision, mission, and passion
  • Ø  Intensive care-giving
  • Ø  Co-creating a better world for your descendants
  • Ø  Productive Eldering
  • Ø  Living in a paradoxical universe
  • Ø  Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones
  • Ø  Building emotional resilience
  • Ø  Dealing with your personal “neg-nags” (internal limiting, fearful, judging voices)
  • Ø  Becoming your own reward
  • Ø  Accessing and trusting your intuition
  • Ø  Maintaining equanimity during crisis
  • Ø  Accepting aging and death as integral parts of the cycle of living


I am Grandmerry Hall (a name given me by my grandchildren).  During my 70 years of life, I have been a teacher, mother, grandmother, author, editor, care-giver, end-of-life mentor, and radio show co-host of Envision This connecting online listeners to visionaries.  Folks tell me I embody “The Mother” archetype and Sophianic wisdom. This description humbles me and also moves me to offer my counsel as an Elder.  By exploring the website, you can learn more about the experiences and insights I will bring to mentoring you. 


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Lillian M. Lake
Lillian M. Lake
Community Visionary - Principal

I highly recommend Merry as a mentor. She has great vision and passion for her mission, but she is far more than that. I know Merry to be kind, compassionate and thoughtful in her responses and engaging with other people looking to further their missions. She is so smart and pulls from a wealth of knowledge so that if she doesn't know the answer directly she can direct you to find the information yourself, or help you find it. A gentle soul, with a big heart, combined with intelligence, vision and passion is a winning combination!